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Unity Through Respect Of Cultures And Innovative Education Through Experience.

Planet Earth Is Our only Home.
full of life, unlimited beauties & imperfections.
a planet that naturally takes care of us & we must care for.
what makes our home so beautiful & special?
curiosity, respect, unity, cultural experience, learning & sharing.
we are the world project


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March 23, 2023

Happy spring to all around the world!!!  Spring is the perfect season for contrast, transitions and rebirth.  Go enjoy!

Yes, I know, we have been offely quiet recently and that is for a very good reason.  We are cooking up some greatness.

Though it may seem that we have not much going on, behind the scenes we are preparing to make big changes in our company.   We have a lot going on.   All great parts to our project, from an idea, a vision to a movement.  We want to make sure we co-brand with likeminded entities that share our vision, mission and movement.  

We are searching for the best entities to collaborate with, wish to grow together and help bring some of our mutual goals to fruition.  And, it is not easy to find that perfect fit for us.  I’ve been reaching out to some wonderful and powerful entities.

Please stay with us, I promise…. you will be pleased and thrilled.  

– Giselle Trujillo


And these camels will bless you with 400 years of good luck!


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