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Education through cultural exchange for a healthier future

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We Are Grateful For All That Believe In Our Hard Work, Movement and commitment.

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We Thank You, With All Our love And Deepest Appreciation.

you make our journey that much more powerful.

 – Giselle Trujillo – 

8 Valuable Reasons To Collaborate With WATWP


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Ways You Can Support Us?

A few people have offered our company a generous amount of money to help us grow and while we are delighted and honored, we had to refuse the funds, because we don’t accept any money exchange in our company.  

We have, however, gotten creative around our no money policy and created a way for those who want to help us grow.  

Instead of money, send us a gift card we can use towards our project needs.   You can email them to us or mail them to our office.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Home Depot  & Lowes (for our headquarters and studio)
  • B&H photography (we always need gear to help us with our work)
  • Marshall’s – Nordstrom’s & Nordstrom’s Rack – HomeGoods – Anthropology  – Restoration Hardware – Pottery Barn – Burlington Coat Factory – Urban Outfitters – Terrain – Ikea – Eastern Mountain Sports – Dickie’s  – H&M – Zara – Asos 
  • Best Buy – Adobe – Apple – Canon – Samsung – Xiaomi
  • Exxon – BP – Mobil – Texaco
  • Enterprise – Hertz – Budget – Avis – Alamo
  • Whatever gift card you wish to send to us, we appreciate it all and will find great ways to use for our magazine and global expeditions.

*** All supporters are mentioned in our supporters page of our website and “special thanks to our supporters” session of our videos, at times in social posts and any pertaining editorials.

Ways Companies/Brands Can Collaborate With Us

We want to collaborate with brands and companies we love. Our sincere apologies, but our space is reserved to brands we love and currently not accepting all brands.  No hard feelings, please understand that we put in a lot of quality work to properly promote brands we love. 

Keep in mind we don’t accept any money or transferred funs.   And NO we are not a Non-profit organization, we operate like one, we don’t even want your money, so no tax write offs here, just pure belief and appreciation for our movement.  

Here are some suggestions of how we can collaborate:

  • Let’s Trade and Barter  – We always need products of our choice, in exchange your company or  brand will receive and abundance of free advertisement through our digital publication WE ARE THE WORLD PROJECT, our editorials and through ROAD TO UNITY our global expedition contents.  
Send us an Email at with your creative offers and we will respond wether or not interested.  If interested we will provide you with all pertinent details and benefits for your company.
We look forward to a longterm, fruitful and healthy collaboration.

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