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Education through cultural exchange for a healthier future

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Hello, I’m Giselle! Welcome to We Are The World Project, my happy philanthropic place, celebrating our beautiful planet and our cultures.  



Founder, Creative Director, Content Creator, Writer, Publisher and Photographer.

Yes, yes, I know, I do a lot and I wear many hats, but believe me, it’s all for the love of my passions.   This is my 2nd online publication. My 1st online publication was the Giselle Trujillo Magazine, bilingual and new articles daily.  I proudly and responsibly used my personal name during the test marketing stages for 5 consecutive years, to prepare me for my great WATWP e-magazine.   Over 7,200 subscribers and almost 700,000 unique visitors by August 2015 and all without any social media profile.  I had to stop my magazine due to close family health events, my mother and I had to take care of my two uncles, one was my favorite uncle, whom I had the pleasure of being his hospital proxy during his last weeks of life in the hospital, we battled his stage 4 cancer and lost the battle.  The emotional and physical stress became impossible for me to concentrate on anything but my loved ones.  I had to take a long brake.

In 2010, I had a vision of crafting a brand for an online magazine with a purpose.  A publication that is unique and different from any anything out there.  A brand that celebrates, gives and shares our world, a brand that has a positive impact on humanity and an online publication that is clean and safe for even a baby to read.  I spent a good two years researching and doing competitive analysis, took my results and moved into test marketing stages with The Giselle Trujillo Magazine, the results were fantastic, giving me all the confident to move forward with WATWP in mind.  I had purchased the domain years prior and after receiving two concerning alerts from the government, I decide to lay low and put WATWP in the back burner.  In 2018, I shared my project with my boyfriend, who loved the name, concept and told me to incorporate the name immediately and I did, which gave me even more confidence to move forward with my project.

Side note:  in my younger years, I had worked for two of the greatest companies ever, Nordstrom and Marriott Hotels International. What I learned and kept is priceless amounts of skills from these two fantastic companies, from excellent service skills to how great corporations operate.  These skills are part of my DNA now.  I’ve taken everything I have ever learned and applied to WATWP, and believe me, you are getting the best of the best because I want my audience to feel well informed, confident, special and happy when reading my content.  All the content in my magazine is authentic. If the experience was not 100% positive, I will not bother to share it.  I take care of my readers and want them to feel confident about what I publish.  I do not borrow or purchase images,  If I experienced it, I document and share it, no middle man or freelance writers here.  I am one source only in order to keep everything under control.  


We Are The World Project is a carefully crafted and curated magazine like nothing out there, content for all ages, honest and positive content, concentrating on travel, food, lifestyle and world cultures.  All positive content, no gossip, no bullying and no negativity (celebrities, public figures or anyone can breath with us at WATWP), a magazine you can actually enjoy without any toxicity.  I share what I believe in, what matters and I would never compromise quality over quantity.    It is no easy job, but I stand by my passions.  Respect goes a long way and this is my contribution to our world.  

I am crafting  wonderful content to share with you all, so, please make sure to subscribe to help me grow and keep our world beautiful and peaceful, it’s free.     WE ARE THE WORLD PROJECT is little piece heaven on Earth.  

Thank you so much for visiting my site, this means a lot to me.   Life Is Wonderful! Enjoy and Please show some love.

Love always!

Giselle Trujillo


“Never Abandon Your Passions, for they are the roots to your happiness and success, add your grains of salt, mark your footprints, they count.”  “Part of our human responsibility is to share what we know to empower our future.” Giselle Trujillo


The Importance for human touch

As you read this, please keep in mind that my visions and views are from my personal experiences, observations and research.  Social psychology formulas and artificial intelligence impacting our brains.  I contribue this to social media quickly destroying the physical human interaction, the human experience, the wonderful abilities we have to cross roads, experience each other physically , look into each others eyes and enjoy each other as some of us still do and some, that once did.    

Social medias are responsible for keeping people addicted and engaged on their platforms, as much as possible, in order to study ones behaviors to better craft targets advertisement and bring to the front accounts of liked interested.  Every move, likes, wishes, dislikes, comments and differences are being used towards us for giving us a better and more accepting social experience, and that is nice, but they are also taking that data we are giving for free, in exchange for a free app account and turning that data into money, growth and power for them.  Every account is valuable.    

Social media platforms before COVID19 Pandemic did a great job at making it’s users feel hooked through accounts that makes users feel less attractive, less skillful, less important than others and so on.  Social media has instilled  a sense of virtual  and emotional competitiveness with other users in hopes of keeping their likes high enough to keeping relevant, and some many have over extended.  

When social medias started, it was a new online way of meeting new people and maintaining digital relationships and most importantly an outlet to showcase you as an individual and your personal life, controlling everything through your personal mobile phones.  That meant total freedom to promote yourself as whatever you desired, whenever, however.  There were authentic geniuses who posted gained global attention through their true passions for what they wanted to do. I give respect to those.   But that also meant, unauthentic and unrealistic users became obsessed with the idea and wanted a piece of the fame machine through behaviors that became trends, through bullying and point of views through negative comments.   

Psychologically speaking, negativity spikes an interest, hence the news are mostly negative, tragic and sad, this is how channels keep their ratings up in order to charge millions of dollars per seconds, in advertisement.  It’s all a vicious cycle and bulletproof.    These big broadcasting companies have teams of experts that are very in tune with human social psychology and behavior.  The more these commercials repeat, especially when children are home from school, the more they advertise kids related products, the higher the chances of purchasing.  Advertising is a trillion dollar industry.

However, people are watching less television at home.  Keep in mind, television programing was an escape in small 1 to 2 hour doses and it was a way to gather with family, and a form of escape, which had a balance because people had responsibilities, jobs and so on.    Those gathering with family days are almost over, if not already over.  Thank you to modern personal data phones advanced technologies, which I love.  But, having access to the internet via a mobile phone has allowed social media platforms to take over the television, social media is addictive and they have mastered a formula.  They have put users on a rating level and even found a way to share their gains and spread some amongst those ranking the highest,  which is defiantly great and rewarding for a users hard work, regardless of their influence, could be positive or negative.  But, that is not the media companies being generous, they would be super greedy and foolish to not share.  And, what’s happening behind the scenes is very damaging, most simply are not aware.  Social media has taken a life of it’s own and it’s uncontrollable, because humans and companies now depend on it like it’s life support.

It’s relevance is so powerful to so many through addictive, competitiveness and greedy behaviors.  Good press is negative press, bad press is good press because it reaches great attention highs.   The world now depends on social medias to be and keep relevant and only a few truly impact our world through valuable content that is both relevant and positive.  Those are the ones I love.  

The Covid19 Pandemic, separated and isolated humanity, so much, that it catapulted those social media monsters to be the new human way, the way of life and the go to fix for attention addicts, who are promoting garbage and negative content to keep relevant.  That is all toxic behavior.  Social media was on a bad path before the pandemic and since the pandemic, social media platforms have taken a seriously bad turn for the worse.  Those popular social medias platforms allow users to promote sex, bullying, fakes, unethical and greed to posses people.  Many users have morphed digitally and through offline surgeries to look like their favorite public figures, forgetting most of them have had surgeries themselves and as you can see, this unreal cycle becomes extremely unehalty and dangerous.  

Covid19 was strategically successful in dividing, isolating and killing humanity.  The damage  is done, this situation gave social media platforms an insane permission into ones personal life.    We are living a pivotal point in humanity, where technology has taken us over, so much that some people are spending every minute of their lives reading through social media platforms.  And it’s not just one platform, it’s several at the same time and this is absolutely crazy.  That addiction is absolutely toxic and it is successfully depriving humans from what makes our world so wonderful, the human to human physical interaction, the looking into another persons eyes to get to know and understand another.  It’s gone!  Ant it’s positioning is stronger than ever.

Look social media, in my opinion is good when the intentions are genuine, should be done in moderation, and a balance is needed to living a healthy and happy life.  Just remember if our planet had an on and off button and they decided to shut off internet, I feel many would not do well from the no social media access, they would get sick and have breakdowns, some will have too much time in their hands and will just wait to get back on to feel alive again.  Unfortunately, social medias platform giants rule the world and may not have the positive intentions for humanity in mind, it’s all about money and greed.  Those companies hire the most genius minds on this planet.  The social media fame machines is a bulletproof flawless formula, that will not stop anytime soon.  

When I published my first digital publication 9 years ago, companies i approached turned any possible collaborations down, because I was not on social medias.  It did not matter to me, because my intention was never to get on the millionaires race line, because I believe in doing good and because I was confident in my work, many good companies and people saw that.  And, I was able to collaborate with many great companies that appreciated that I was not on social medias and appreciated my authentic and hard work, they had visions of what is happening now and that is what brought us together.   9 years late, observing how social media is isolating humanity from physically coming together and uniting, my prediction is real.  

If you don’t believe in what I am stating, please go research the damages of social media, it’s formula for addiction, what those platforms do behind your account, the purpose for algorithms, the physiology of social media, how those platforms make money and most importantly the Dunning Krueger Effect.  There are serious studies out there waiting to be discovered by you.  

Do I dislike social medias?   I dislike some platforms that are aggressive and reckless.  But, I do believe that if you are utilizing social  medias efficiently to promote your work or idea in a respectful manner and that you are genuine about your intentions, that you can use social medias as one of the platforms to support your movement.  Acceptance through respect and balance is most important.

The truth is that you can be a powerful company and brand that has social media presence, but that does not mean, they will become more powerful because of social medias, as I mentioned, it’s simply another support tool to add to your toolbox arsenal.   Followers that like your post does not necessarily equate to sales or any follow through, again, it’s a good way for followers to keep in the know about your company.

The reality is that having internet access in the palm of our hands are allowing all of us to digitally come together and go places we’ve never been to, virtually, every that uses a mobile phone and has internet has virtually visited every place in this world, some even fake that they have been physically visited these places through green screen and image/video editing software.   We are virtually very close but physically apart and this is not what living is about.  Life is not supposed to be a virtual experience.  It’s suppose to be about close encounter and experiences together. 

10 years ago, I had this We Are The World Project vision of physically bringin beings together through acceptance, respect and unity.  My movement is to promote experience through travel, explorations, feel, smell, sense, touch, see, listen and share moments together in the same space so our memories of physical human interaction never dilutes or erase from us, our children and our future.   I’m trying to save our world?  No.  I am simply promoting that we don’t forget about each other, let’s not forget to shake hands, hug each other, visit each other, look into each others eyes, learn and exchange within our cultures, because at the end of the day, Life is Wonderful and the human touch and physical nurture is the most powerful, most healthy, most beautiful and a healing tool to being alive.

Go spend physical time with someone you know, live in the moment, because the next moment is not a guarantee, I urge humanity to be more in the physical moment than the virtual one.  Allocate a few hours a weeks for social strolling and communication, but dedicate more time to living.

This new way of life, self isolation virtual lifestyle has quickly influenced and impacted the way humanity interacts with one another.  Techonolgy is absolutely beautiful and extremely useful when used in moderation and used for good and advancement.  However the virtual era we are quickly and currently transitioning into, is affecting greatly how humanity interact with each other and in society.  Let’s not forget what made our world so beautiful, the humans physical interaction, the hugs, the human smells, the hand shakes, the eating together,  the celebrations, the explorations of meeting new cultures, our children meeting new cultures and so on.  Social media addiction and covid19 have completed disrupted humanity to isolation.  People are no longer leaving their personal space to buy  necessities like food, toilet paper, cars, no reason to leave your home, because absolutely everything is being purchased online, everything, your coffee, your milk, your medications, your meals, your toothpaste, your vehicles even a spouse.  Fortune 100 companies that offer these services to your home have bankrupt almost every small family business out there. This is why my trade and tourism project plan is essential to help smaller countries survive in what is about to come in the next five years.   Humans are forgetting to go to a grocery store and buy food, they are forgetting to meet for dinners with loved ones, they are soon going to forget to travel to countries, because the virtual world is unstoppable and full of sophistication.   Hence, my trade and travel project plan, which promotes unity and keeping each countries resources intact and concentrated where the loss will be minimum.  

What has proven to bring humanity together through ancient history are travel, gatherings, food and the arts.  Let’s maintain all of our beauties so our children and our very near future can experience our world as we once did, empower them with tools and modern education to understand that a good balance is essential, that outside of the virtual world, we breath fresh air, go for a walk, meet new beings, go food shopping, travel to other countries, feel new cultures and experience each other.  This positive and good humanitarian synergy cycle will help maintain humanity from isolation and small family businesses to survive and stay open.  

Here is a good example, if a country is petroleum rich, they are also very much at risk at not having any buyers, because less drivers will be on the road, because there is no need to waste time or gas when big companies are delivering at your feet and sooner will deliver by drones within minutes of your purchase.  Drones don’t use gas and yes, this is true, virtual is faster than anything out there.  Soon people will not find the need to buy a plane ticket, go to an airport and visit another country because there is a a saturated abundance of videos from every country out there. The problem is that everything is being seen from a drones view, and while it’s very beautiful and virtual, but aerial views is not reality because our species does not fly in open air yet, hence i am documenting experiences from hand-held camera lens, this is reality.   I do love drones for the purpose of giving a video that professional film production feel, everything feels like a movie these days. There is a time and a place for it.  I love the fact that many places don’t allow drones, this is a good. I think it’s great for us to work hard to get to a summit or the highest point of any structure in order to capture what you will see if you went up there, that makes sense to me, because we can do it, but drone footage I cannot relate to because I can’t fly, but the world is drone addicted because it’s virtual, I expect this from professionals who are truly telling a story.  We Are The World Project is not telling a films story, we are living in the now, documenting it and sharing it forward.    This is my purpose.  

If we do not succeed in putting in our efforts, we can kiss goodbye to everything our ancestors worked so hard for.  That is why my magazine is negativity free, bullying free and gossip free, I’m increasing all the positive changes towards maintaining humanity.  I am going against the grain for a great cause, and I am confident that this positive movement will impact our hearts emotionally.   Life is the ability to experience the moment.  Again, I love technology, I love the internet but I also love a good balance, I love interacting with others, I love traveling and experiencing new cultures, new foods, new. sounds, new smells which gives me great confirmation that I am alive.  

Life is wonderful!  But, if you live your life through social medias and buy everything online for the sake of being glued to your tech devises, games and comfort, you and 95% of our world will miss out on truly living and if the internet is to shut down for a week, you will wish everyone was around and all the places you once knew were around, because you won’t be able to eat or buy necessities, because you refused to get out of your comfort zone and preferred virtually.   If you can’t see this already happening, I am letting you know my personal observations and perspectives. 

 This is why coming together in unity through respect and acceptance is so important.  This is our lives, our society, our community, our culture, our world, let’s take control while we still can, otherwise big companies in control will destroy our emotional and physical feelings.  

Let’s use technology wisely and in moderation, do have that physical human interaction quality time, where everyone puts away all internet devices, listen music from a CD, vinyl or cassettes player, cook an authentic meal, bake, play board games, read printed books, printed magazines, printed newspapers, go explore, road trips, travel, go support your local restaurants and shops, go to a mall, go walk around town, go visit other countries.  Go, go, go, go live.  Each individual is responsible for their own willing actions.  And this is my way of giving back to a world full of beautiful cultures that I love with all my heart. 

 We Are The World Project is a project of love, unity, respect through acceptance and my grain of salt. – Giselle Trujillo


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