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Continent: North America

Country:  Dominican Republic

Longitude & Latitude  18.7357° N, 70.1627° W

Major Bodies of Water: North of the island is the Atlantic Ocean and to the south is the Caribbean Sea.

Capital:  Santo Domingo

Estimated Population:  As of 2020 10.85 million

Head of State:  Luis Abinader

Climate:  2 Seasons, overall dry, humid and hot

Currency:  Dominican Peso

Religion:  Mostly Roman Catholic

Country Code:  +809

Official Language:  Spanish

Public Holidays:  8

Traditional Music:  Merengue, Bachata, Dembow, Perico Ripiao

Military: Fuerzas Armadas de la República Dominicana.  Army, Navy & Air Force.

Cultural Dance:  Merengue & Bachata

Airports:  13

Airline:  8

Hospitals:  445

Schools:  Over 800

Churches:  Approximately 87

Bridges:  5

Major Highways:  6

Main Export:  Crude oil, Gold, processed petroleum oils

Main Import:  Gold, Machinery, Electrical equipment, precious stones

Electrical Outlet:  Type G and M sockets

TV Stations:  18

Radio Stations:  Over 40

Theme Parks:  18

Hotels:  Approximately 2150

Beaches:  18

Golf:  21

National Parks:  8

Museums:  50

Drive Steering Wheel:  Left

Malls:  65

Date Format:  day/month/year

Work Week:  Starts on Sunday

Architecture:  Mostly modern

UNESCO Sites:  0, but has 1 World Heritage site

Official Website:

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United Arab Emirates also known by UAE is located south of the Persian Gulf in Asia.  The UAE is composed of 7 Emirates or States, which are Abu Dhabi (the Capital), Ajman, Dubai ( the most popular one), FujairahRas al-Khamiah, Sharjah, Umm al- Quwain. 



Please be respectful and mindful, that UAE is an Islamic State, meaning most locals follow their religion and practice Islamic rules and dress code.  Most of the country citizens are Muslim.  The women usually cover their hair, from their wrists to ankles.  And some might even cover 90 percent of their faces.  However, the Islamic dress code, does not take away from beautiful outfits, Islamic fashion styles or quality.   Even-though, I witnessed many tourist with very short skirts and shorts and tube tops, I can honestly say in Dubai, the dress code seemed a bit more relaxed, avoid wearing offensive outfits.  Dubai is a pretty cool place, no need to brake any rules.  No short tops, pants, skirts, or offensively tight clothing.  

Giselle Trujillo,, Abu Dhabi, UAE 2008 (Heritage Village), 19 168

Made in the U.S.A.   Handcrafted goods by Giselle Trujillo.




Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo



la vega

la vega