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Continent:  Europe

Country:  Republic of Austria

Longitude & Latitude  47.5162° N, 14.5501° E

Bodies of Water:  Danube, Rhine & Elbe, overall 2,194 running waters between lakes & rivers.

Capital:  Vienna

Areas: 9 Regions/States 

population:  As of 2022 it is 9,104,068 million

Head of State: Alexander Van der Bellen

Climate:  2 Seasons, winters are cold and dry and summers are wet and warm.

Currency:  Euro

Main Religions:  Over 60% Christianity and Roman Catholic, over 10% Atheist, Over 10% unknown, the rest Muslim, Protestant and Orthodox, over 10% unknown 

Country Code:  +43

Indigenous ethnics groups: Burgenland Croats, Slovenes, Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks, Turkish and Romanias.

Official Language:  German

Traditional Music:  Classical 

Cultural Dance:  The Vienna Waltz

Military:  Austrian Armed Forces

Airports:  6 International airports

Airline:  Austrian Airline

Hospitals:  About 271 hospitals and clinics

Schools:  Approximately 2, 971

Religious Worship Locales:  Many throughout

Bridges:  7

Major Highways:  26 Autobahns

Main Import:  Vehicles, packed medicaments, toxins, cultures, blood, vaccines and vehicle parts.

Main Export:  Pharmaceuticals, paper products, vehicle parts, favored water, vehicles, wood, steel, iron, electrical machinery, computers and medical apparatus.

Electrical Outlet:  Type C and F sockets, the 2 wholes

Culture:  They enjoy eating and drinking coffee, gatherings with friends and family, music listening and attending music concerts, taking walks & love nature.

TV Stations:  4 national

Radio Stations:  12

Theme Parks:  15

Hotels:  Approximately 11,800 properties

Beaches:  0

Golf Courses:  Approximately 160

National Parks:  6

Museums:  Approximately 2,400

Drive Steering Wheel:  Right

Malls:  Approximately 234

Date Format:  day/month/year

Work Week:  Monday through Friday

Architecture:  Baroque 

UNESCO Sites:  12 sites inscribed & 10 tentative sites

Internet Top Level Domain:  .at

Official Website:


OK, so to be fair, my Austrian page is absolutely lacking greatly, and I’m aware.  But, I truly wanted to share my brief Austrian experience, because, it was wonderful.  Please note, I only spent 4 days in Austria. I was visiting family and I want to go visit again for at least a month.  Yes, it was that memorable. 

In the meantime, here is what I have to say about Austria.  Ready? It is a very unique and friendly place place.  The people are kind, respectful and welcoming.   The culture is one to enjoy gatherings around food and from what I observed, they enjoy beer.    Overall a happy an relaxed culture with some dry sense of humor in my humble opinion, but well received, because they come with great intentions.   I have to say, Austrians are very polite and a culture that wants to help and please their guests.  Vienna is a beautiful city!


Again, I was only in Austria for 4 days and did as much as we could within the time frame.  My uncle was great at showing me around Vienna, where he was from and where he grew up.  

  1. Kahlenberg Mountain in Vienna has a high peak where is extremely foggy, takes about 40 minutes to drive up and it is very special because you can see the entire city of Vienna from there.   It is quiet a treat.    
  2. Visit the Turkish neighborhoods that hosts the bazaars, walk around and find shop treasures like I did.  I latterly purchased 8 pairs of Turkish and Italian made shoes of leather and high quality materials, plus they were name brands, for about $10 dollars each.  It was such a fun treat for footwear aficionados like myself.  I bought some for my mother and myself.  And honestly, thinking back, I wish I spent more time in that Turkish neighborhood, because it seemed very fun, little Turkey in Vienna, Austria.
  3. You must visit the Schönbrunn Palace in Hietzing, Vienna.  This is one stunning and happy palace, it is a massive yellow palace with some of the most beautiful gardens you can imagine,  it even has a labyrinth made of shrubs.  Very beautiful.    You get to walk inside the labyrinth  and find your way.  That was my first time and was quite an experience.  
  4. Meet with friends for dinner or walk around Vienna, it is lively both at night and during the day. 
  5. Drive outside of Vienna and experience just how vibrant green the countryside is, it is very pictoresq, beautiful mountains, valleys, small windy roads, fresh air and relaxing.  
Kahlenberg Mountain
Kahlenberg Mountain
Schönbrunn Palace
Schönbrunn Palace
Old paths in Vienna
Old paths in Vienna
The countryside outside Vienna
The countryside outside Vienna


Green, beautiful & friendly.


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